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My name is Jean Carlo

The methodology I employ combines 20+ years of photographic experience to best represent the subject(s). Utilizing the ability to control light is what the Cat's Meow Tampa specializes in and the art speaks for itself. 

Born in Caracas, Venezuela and having grown up in the United States has allowed me to pursue my many passions in this great nation. I am happily married to an amazing woman and have three great kids that are growing up faster than one would want.

I am a portrait and headshot specialist in Wesley Chapel, Florida, although I think of what I do as taking a portrait of your personality. I specialize in your face and expressions because I have found that I have an aptitude, what some call an eye for facial expressions. It is amazing how subtle movements of your facial muscles can be so evocative. It’s like I am a consultant for your face.

As a result, I am an expert in creating headshots where my clients look poised and pleasant, like they are exceptional but also kind. I capture moments of the soul in which you quietly demonstrate your strength to the world.


How it started

It all started when I was a Freshman at the University of South Florida. For as far back as I remember, my dream was to be a filmmaker which is why I pursued a BFA in Filmmaking when I moved to the Tampa area. Looking back, without even realizing it, most of  the family videos I captured as well as the photos I took with the many different 35mm cameras were hints to my love of the visual arts.


What changed my course was a particular job at Best Buy where I was the person that would help you buy a camera or video camera. Having easy access to the latest DSLR technology quickly led me to learn via trial and error how they worked; before long, my filmmaking degree changed to a Contemporary Photography discipline. Fast forward many weddings, events, portraits and now I find myself specializing in portrait photography. 

The Fine Arts department drilled in me to always ask "why" I am taking a photograph which the "why" I love portrait photography is because of how I capture a moment in life; forever immortalizing the person(s) in front of my lens. The prints and digital images will be a record in time for those individuals that will share with loved ones and friends for years to come.  

What's Next?

Underwater Portraits is what I am specializing next. 

The "why" for this type of photograph is due to how serene the underwater setting can be. It is an experience unlike any other which is why I am excited to share it with my clients. I'm a SSI Certified Open Water diver and continue to receive training in order to ensure the safety of my clients and anyone else involved in this type of photo shoot. 

In addition, I am starting to work on my Master of Photography through the Professional Photographer's Association (PPA) which as I progress in that journey, I will be teaching workshops to share my experience with other photographers and/or photography enthusiast. This to me is one of the best ways I can give back to my community. 

The future is bright, and I look forward to it.